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Shin Splints


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Shin Splints treatment

Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Tenoperiostitis) is a condition characterized by damage and inflammation of the connective tissue joining muscles to the inner shin bone (tibia). Shin splints most commonly occur due to repetitive or prolonged activities placing strain on the tenoperiosteum. This typically occurs due to excessive walking, running or jumping activities (such as an increase in training or running) and is often seen in runners and footballers. It frequently occurs in association with calf muscle tightness or biomechanical abnormalities, such as excessive pronation (flat feet) or supination (high arch) or in those with inappropriate footwear. Athletes more commonly develop this condition early in the season following a period of reduced activity and when training surfaces are generally harder.

Patients with this condition typically experience pain on firmly touching the inner border of the shin bone particularly along the lower third of the bone. Areas of muscle tightness, thickening or lumps may also be felt in the area of pain. In severe cases, swelling, redness and warmth may also be present.

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